Taking it to the mat

The last couple of years I printed my holiday letter on my card, but this year I was reluctant to write a Christmas letter. There was plenty to be thankful for, yet I still felt empty and anxious. The beginning of 2012 started with ambitiousness and promise but came to a screeching halt in September … Continue reading Taking it to the mat

Giving up the balancing act for real balance

My first two yoga sessions were humbling. My impression of yoga was that it was all about stretching and flexibility. I also had a negative opinion that the so-called "spiritual" aspect of the practice was silly and unnecessary. So when I found myself struggling with steadiness, strength and silence it was clear that I had … Continue reading Giving up the balancing act for real balance

My Yoga experience surprised me

My best friend E is part of the Mind Body Heart Yoga Studio and family. She has been practicing yoga for many years, but recently started becoming more involved in the teaching aspect. I tried it once many years ago - well, sort of tried it. I believe it was a Hatha Yoga class, which … Continue reading My Yoga experience surprised me