A Resolution I Can Keep

A couple of years ago I was really struggling with a mix of changing hormones and a glass-nearly-empty kind of thinking. I allowed turning 40 to be a burden rather than a time to celebrate. Whenever frustration or disappointment crept in my soul, I foolishly gave it a place to hibernate. The heaviness sat there … Continue reading A Resolution I Can Keep

Writer’s Workshop: My house shall be a mast

I love when the jeweler cleans my wedding ring. Its renewed radiance resonates for days. It looks bigger and more brilliant than before and I am reminded of how it glistened in the summer sun after DW placed it on my finger over thirteen years ago. It's easy to forget the beauty when it is … Continue reading Writer’s Workshop: My house shall be a mast

Sometimes, you just have to walk away

I'm trying to be more honest, but people are making it very hard to refrain from those little white lies. There really are only two things I can do now if I feel threatened to tell an untruth. Laugh out loud Politely walk away Both of which will undoubtedly cause embarrassment to the other party … Continue reading Sometimes, you just have to walk away

Ten years of hair

Yesterday I had the unexpected opportunity to take a long hot shower and go on a dinner date with DW. It felt good to clean up a little and have a reason to put something on other than a pair of sweat pants. I also decided to actually dry and style my hair rather than … Continue reading Ten years of hair