The Naked Truth

I am 37 almost 38. This body has birthed two beautiful girls and kept up with a wonderful man for almost ten years of marriage. I've never been an athlete, but I've always tried to be mildly active. I am strong, beautiful and healthy. I know all this, so why then when my sweet husband decides to … Continue reading The Naked Truth

Trust Me Men, Foreplay Starts in the Kitchen

It seems like more than half the magazines staring at me in the grocery store check-out line have some article about sex. Topics like strategies for better foreplay or tips on longer orgasms. Everyone wants the secret to having great sex, feeling sexy or how to better please their mate. It's really not that complicated. There's no secret formula or exotic … Continue reading Trust Me Men, Foreplay Starts in the Kitchen

Be Empowered

Everyday I am amazed by the way people are directed to my blog through Search Engine Terms. The most common search, believe it or not, is in relation to bullying and boundaries. That is a very sad statement. Recently there was a post on Freshly Pressed by Kelly Croy about bullying that really pointed out the … Continue reading Be Empowered

I’m Sorry But…

To the lady that gave me "the look" as she eyed me up and down yesterday in the waiting room. The lady that was very smartly dressed, her hair perfectly styled, hands beautifully manicured and a walking ad campaign for any cosmetic company. Yeah you - I saw you look at me and wonder why … Continue reading I’m Sorry But…

It Was Just Another Manic Monday….Whoa oh oh

TGIF my butt. When you are married with children (even worse if you are a single mom) Fridays do not symbolize the beginning of a couple of days of R & R. They are merely the start of the two most busy days of a mother's life. Seriously. Even though I can get a lot … Continue reading It Was Just Another Manic Monday….Whoa oh oh