Please, stop carding me

I can totally relate to the multitude of ailments and laughable (some not so laughable) situations common to women of "maturity". Changes in hormones, mood-swings, random hot flashes, forgetfulness, unexplained weight gain and general tiredness are just a few of my personal favorites. Or how about trying to adjust to sex-drive changes or our body's … Continue reading Please, stop carding me

Explaining The Red Light District to a 10-Year-Old

I think there is something seriously wrong with me, even more than usual. Hours have disappeared organizing my Pinterest boards. The clutter of curriculum, teaching tools and resources drive me insane. I've also started dreaming about lesson plans and last weekend, while I was enjoying a scrap booking and card making retreat with girlfriends, I … Continue reading Explaining The Red Light District to a 10-Year-Old

My very public apology – blogging and friendships are tricky

She had every right to be upset. I should have given her a "heads up" that I had written a blog post highlighting an off-hand comment, a comment that wasn't directed at me, just in my presence. It only stung, because it is something that I struggle with and judge myself often. That's the thing … Continue reading My very public apology – blogging and friendships are tricky

A Writer’s Love Letter

  "Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you too, can become great."           - Mark Twain estimates that the average stay-at-home mom works 92 hours a week, and over half of those hours are over-time hours. It's … Continue reading A Writer’s Love Letter

Girl-illas in the Midst

For the last 12 1/2 years I have been living in the field studying my subjects. Hours have been painstakingly spent learning their eating habits, social dynamics, ability to adapt, and communication skills. I've collected valuable information about their predators and who are their  prey. Living among them has been difficult. At times I think … Continue reading Girl-illas in the Midst