The Language of Dog

Dark, beautiful, yet vacant eyes, shift focus from the tree behind me to the children playing on the playground to the left of me. She is as small in stature as she is in presence, and yet I am magnetically drawn. But like opposing magnets our bodies reject each other. The closer I try to … Continue reading The Language of Dog

Life Goes On

It is one week today that we said goodbye to our 13 1/2 year- old Golden Retriever, Chelsea. For the first few days without her, I made it a point to leave the house when the kids left for school, and not return until they got home. I just couldn't bare to be in the … Continue reading Life Goes On

Volunteering Makes Me a Better Person

I have had the awesome privilege of visiting other schools lately and being a part of their leadership and running programs. Not only have I met some incredibly enthusiastic and encouraging women, I have also been able to witness the same phenomenon I see every week at my own practices - girls supporting each other … Continue reading Volunteering Makes Me a Better Person

Sign Me Up!

I found myself saying "yes" yet again when asked, "could you...?" Could I what? Spend hours and hours on something that no one else wanted to do because it is an impossibly tedious time-consuming task and I am the only one foolish enough to say yes even though there is clearly no support and I … Continue reading Sign Me Up!