If You Talk That Loud, I Will Comment

Occasionally I feed my family, so on a random day last week I was scaling the aisles at the grocery store, trying to pull together a meal for that night. I've been trying to pitch a TV show idea to the Food Network but so far no response. Sort of like Chopped, only instead of … Continue reading If You Talk That Loud, I Will Comment

Savory Saturdays: Tomato-Cucumber Guacamole

Avocado is one of my absolute favorite things to eat. I like it mashed, grilled, diced, and sliced. Here is a recipe from Atkins that can be used as a side dish, topping for salad, or even a great hearty condiment for pork or burgers. It is best served immediately after making to enjoy the … Continue reading Savory Saturdays: Tomato-Cucumber Guacamole

Savory Saturdays: Vegetable Panini with Feta

These sandwiches were easy to make and a huge hit on our lake trip this week. If you don't want to take the time to hollow-out French bread, hoagie rolls would work too, but I just like the texture and taste of fresh French bread from the bakery. It's worth the extra step. Vegetable Panini … Continue reading Savory Saturdays: Vegetable Panini with Feta

My Daughter the Vegetarian

"I'm going to be a vegetarian, " stated The Tortoise a few weeks before school ended, "But not until summer starts." I stopped what I was doing and smiled. When I was about her age, I remember wanting to be a vegetarian too. By high school I had slowly cut-out red meats and by college … Continue reading My Daughter the Vegetarian

A Vegan Friendly Thanksgiving Part 2: My Favorite Sides

This week's Savory Saturdays post was a recipe for our Thanksgiving day breakfast, Irish Oatmeal. Now, moving on to our Thanksgiving Dinner.We had our usual ham and turkey main dishes (and yes, my cousin did have Tofurky), but opted for vegan friendly sides this year. The menu was way more food than we ever needed, and … Continue reading A Vegan Friendly Thanksgiving Part 2: My Favorite Sides