And I thought my kids were done with my breasts

My breasts were a big deal to my kids when I was nursing. Not that they were all that big, just a big deal at meal time. Which seemed like an all day activity most days. Then when my breasts quit providing nutrients, suddenly the kids were interested in their flexibility. Sometimes I felt a … Continue reading And I thought my kids were done with my breasts

Five Minute Friday: Broken

My 40th birthday is next Tuesday. I have planned nothing. Usually birthdays are an excuse to make big purchases, go on fun trips with my girlfriends or make a big fuss with family and friends over drinks. But not this year. This year I feel detached and ambivalent. This time last year I was in … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Broken

Dear mid-life crisis

Dear mid-life crisis 40, It has come to my attention that you are coming, and not for a visit, but to move in permanently. Quite presumptuous of you, I think, when no invitation has been offered. Ever. In fact, I would say the opposite has been true. Your saddle bags and grey hair are not … Continue reading Dear mid-life crisis