Finding love in the little Pamet House in the woods

We were the first to arrive at the little Pamet House in the woods. A Sunday afternoon in late July, we drove along winding roads of Cape Cod to reach Truro. My parents wanted to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary with their children and grandchildren by living as beach bums for a week this summer. … Continue reading Finding love in the little Pamet House in the woods

Vacation Without Leaving Home, Priceless

I hate traveling. The sorting, organizing, planning, packing and cleaning required to even walk out the door makes me insanely anxious. And how in the hell am I supposed to get the entire contents of my bathroom to fit in one clear, quart-sized,  zip-lock bag? I loath unloading everything in my carry-on, stripping off  jewelry … Continue reading Vacation Without Leaving Home, Priceless

Stuck at the Airport

I want to be witty and fun today but unfortunately internet access at the airport cost money, so I am posting on my phone. The phone is already paid for. Thank goodness for free internet at our hotel, but considering I will be at a bachelorette party tonight, don't hold your breath for a decent … Continue reading Stuck at the Airport

A Week Without Internet

The clock sung 5:30am as we stumbled around loading the car. My little HP mini netbook snuggled safely inside a black tote bag, nestled on the floor-board of the front seat. We were headed to Texas to spend the holidays with family. Just the night before, blurry-eyed and beat, DW informed me at 9:30pm that … Continue reading A Week Without Internet

Technology Trade-Offs

In a society brimming over with texting, email, internet, Facebook, MySpace, etc., wouldn't it seem like our communication skills should be vastly advanced? And yet, as I ate dinner Thursday evening in an airport restaurant, it struck me how little communication was truly being shared between various patrons. Specifically, three different couples and one family … Continue reading Technology Trade-Offs