The worst punishment ever

Except for a tiny bubble of light floating over our kitchen sink from a handmade night-light, the house waited for me in darkness. Rehearsal Tuesday night was disjointed, but productive. My mind replayed all of my mistakes, visually marking what I need to work on before this Saturday's annual Riverside Park Pops Concert. It is … Continue reading The worst punishment ever

Dear Friday, You are FLIPtastic!

Dear Friday, I am really tired of your snarky "thank goodness it's Friday" comments, because quite frankly, I don't think you're all that. In fact, I find you quite the bully, always taunting me with the promise of a full week of productivity. Do you really think four days are enough to prepare for a … Continue reading Dear Friday, You are FLIPtastic!

Perfectionist Sounds So Much Better Than Procrastinator

Years ago I remember watching an episode of Oprah that included a guest psychologist that made a startling statement that stuck with me (and I mean years, that would have been during my nursing days when I actually was forced to sit for long periods of time because a child was attached to my boob). Their statement suggested … Continue reading Perfectionist Sounds So Much Better Than Procrastinator

So much time, yet so little I want to do

Do you remember that saying, "Careful what you wish for?" Or maybe you're more familiar with the phrase, "the grass always seems greener on the other side." Apparently I wished a little too hard these last couple of weeks for school to start so that my daily schedule wouldn't be so spastic.  Well, here it … Continue reading So much time, yet so little I want to do