Cafe Confusion

My teenage daughter has discovered the sweet bliss of cafe mocha. It's like hot chocolate on steroids. Although I have avoided letting her start such a decadent and addictive morning ritual, high school has introduced her to a whole new world of temptations. She likes to bring a hot drink out to the bus stop. … Continue reading Cafe Confusion

All the things I used to be

I packed The Tortoise's lunch aggressively this morning, anger bubbling up in my throat until I just couldn't contain it any longer. I had tried to be diplomatic, give her an opportunity to make a better choice about her wardrobe, but the message was just not being received. Or she didn't care. However, I did … Continue reading All the things I used to be

Welcome to My Schizophrenic Life

Yesterday's post had just been put to bed when the phone rang. Caller I.D. indicated it was The Tortoise's school. "Mom!" she said, "I'm so glad you're home." "Is everything okay?" I asked concerned. "Here...Shel needs to talk to you right away. It's an emergency." Shel is a very sweet friend of my daughter's. Her … Continue reading Welcome to My Schizophrenic Life

Half-Truths, White Lies and All That’s In Between

The Tortoise had her phone taken away a few weeks ago for being disrespectful.  At the same time I put it away, she received a text. I really wasn't trying to be sneaky, just curious. Maybe it was an important text for school. (Or maybe I just felt like I had the right to look … Continue reading Half-Truths, White Lies and All That’s In Between