What’s On Your Summer Reading List?

Holding my daughters for the first time, watching them absorb the world around them, smelling their sweet breath, I pictured a fairytale future. My vision of them held details of first steps, first boyfriends, college, marriage and eventually grandchildren. A lifetime of accomplishments mixed in with minor disappointments, disappointments that would only strengthen them to … Continue reading What’s On Your Summer Reading List?

Welcome to My Schizophrenic Life

Yesterday's post had just been put to bed when the phone rang. Caller I.D. indicated it was The Tortoise's school. "Mom!" she said, "I'm so glad you're home." "Is everything okay?" I asked concerned. "Here...Shel needs to talk to you right away. It's an emergency." Shel is a very sweet friend of my daughter's. Her … Continue reading Welcome to My Schizophrenic Life


This is a writing prompt from the website: The Red Dress Club Aaah…jealousy. We all have it. We all feel it. And now we’d like you to write about it. We’ll leave it open: you can write about something or someone you envy, or a time when your jealousy got you in trouble, or maybe … Continue reading Uninvited