When I Said Blizzard, I Meant Dairy Queen

There is something kind of surreal about driving into a snow storm. It's beautiful and engaging. The speedometer says you are moving but it feels like the car is standing still, like you're sitting in an IMAX movie theater watching 3-D  wind and huge flakes of snow pelting your windshield. You can't see past the faint illumination … Continue reading When I Said Blizzard, I Meant Dairy Queen

Are You a Lonely Mom?

Keys jingling at the front door were hardly audible over the sound of our dog’s padded feet, the thump-thump of a toddler and the pitter-patter of a pre-schooler down the hallway each night. I was quick to follow. The dog and the children were eager for a hug and a kiss from daddy. I was … Continue reading Are You a Lonely Mom?

7 Things You Might Not Know About Me

I had a little mental block yesterday. It could have been the hours I poured over emails trying to find emailed tax donation receipts received during 2010 because apparently it never crossed my mind to print them when they were received. That would have been too easy. Or maybe it was the mind-numbing exercise of bill paying. Oh - it … Continue reading 7 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Scrapbooking, Friendship and Mike’s Hard Lemonade

When I first moved here almost 9 years ago, the only person I knew was my husband and three-year old daughter. We had no family or friends. DW smartly bought a house soon after getting his first job, establishing credit and a future family. It was a perfect first house for us, in a cozy … Continue reading Scrapbooking, Friendship and Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Sign Me Up!

I found myself saying "yes" yet again when asked, "could you...?" Could I what? Spend hours and hours on something that no one else wanted to do because it is an impossibly tedious time-consuming task and I am the only one foolish enough to say yes even though there is clearly no support and I … Continue reading Sign Me Up!