How to Spend the Day with a Nine-Year-Old

I think I have seen my children less now that it is summer than when they were in school. Their school hours have been replaced by sports practice and friends. I am currently living in my car. Perhaps I should consider having my mail forwarded there. And a mini-bar installed. Today uncovered several hours of … Continue reading How to Spend the Day with a Nine-Year-Old

Oh, Go Jump in a Lake!

I'm not a boat person. Actually, I'm not a roller coaster riding, rock climbing, camping, race car driving, swimming, kind of person. Of course DW is ALL of those things, so I'm amazed everyday that he fell in love with me because we actually have very little recreational interests in common. I like to lay … Continue reading Oh, Go Jump in a Lake!

My Summer, Three Years Ago

There seems to be a reoccurring theme on many of the blogs I have been reading this week - the end of summer and back to school. Some of the blogs have been coming to grips with this year's change of season, but many have been a look back at summers past.   I've also recently … Continue reading My Summer, Three Years Ago

Girl Parts and Boy Parts

My hair and body are still smoldering from the fire pit in our back yard. I love the sweet smell of burning wood while roasting marshmallows and making Smores. Tonight felt like summer. Not quite like the Texas summers that I grew up with, where you can't hardly step outside to sneeze without dripping with … Continue reading Girl Parts and Boy Parts

Is it bedtime yet?

It's 10:15pm. The girls have finally had their last goodnight kisses. Breakfast remnants, lunch plates and sadly, yes, dinner dishes line the hand print laden kitchen counter. A two-day old basket of laundry sits next to my bed, another in the dryer and there's even a load ready to be spun in the washing machine. … Continue reading Is it bedtime yet?