I might need your help remembering who I am.

The Hare and I held school in cafes, coffee shops and book stores for a few weeks while we got our internet and power sorted out completely. It turned out to be a combination of weather and construction. We are finishing two rooms in our basement, and some of the cable wiring got jumbled in … Continue reading I might need your help remembering who I am.

Sister Friends

"Are you kidding me?!" I said loudly, shoving unwanted papers into a recycling pile. "Seriously, this is due Friday?" "Yes, ma'am, " said The Hare quietly, "I'm sorry I forgot." "Yeah, me too, because you don't have until Friday. You have until Wednesday night because I'm leaving Thursday afternoon." "But that's in like two days! … Continue reading Sister Friends

Romantic Endings

I pulled a crumpled piece of paper out of the bottom of The Hare's backpack Wednesday morning. "What's this and how long has it been here?" I asked. Glimpses of kissing red hearts peeked out of one corner. A vague memory that Valentine's Day was a mere 5 days away suddenly loomed over my head. "I don't … Continue reading Romantic Endings