You shouldn’t use words you don’t know

It's hard to believe it was just over two years ago that The Tortoise was learning about the reproductive system. Now she is learning how to drive. Of course, that was seventh grade and not the first time she had been told about babies and puberty. It was, however, the first time The Hare heard … Continue reading You shouldn’t use words you don’t know

Explaining The Red Light District to a 10-Year-Old

I think there is something seriously wrong with me, even more than usual. Hours have disappeared organizing my Pinterest boards. The clutter of curriculum, teaching tools and resources drive me insane. I've also started dreaming about lesson plans and last weekend, while I was enjoying a scrap booking and card making retreat with girlfriends, I … Continue reading Explaining The Red Light District to a 10-Year-Old

Welcome Home, Honey

Having children four years apart has its advantages and disadvantages. It was nice not having more than one child in diapers. I only had to potty train one toddler at a time. They didn't both leave me right away for school. The Tortoise has always been able to help entertain The Hare. There are plenty … Continue reading Welcome Home, Honey

Girl Parts and Boy Parts

My hair and body are still smoldering from the fire pit in our back yard. I love the sweet smell of burning wood while roasting marshmallows and making Smores. Tonight felt like summer. Not quite like the Texas summers that I grew up with, where you can't hardly step outside to sneeze without dripping with … Continue reading Girl Parts and Boy Parts