It’s a Process

Another pomegranate martini lingered in front of me; its sweet red nectar glistening in the glow of lowered lights and laughter. Two of my girlfriends flanked the table and I was absorbed by their presence. I'm realizing that everyone suffers from some level of loneliness or discontentment. The stay-at-home mom, the working mom, the mom … Continue reading It’s a Process

hello courage

I've spent the better part of an hour letting my last cup of coffee grow cold, sifting through pounds of advice on how to overcome writer's block, looking for that one perfect and inspiring blog prompt. It finally struck me, though, that my three-month long writing drought  is not due to insufficient inspiration or a … Continue reading hello courage

Guest Post: Jim Chaney

I love it when bloggers I admire start feeling more like a friend  than like a "reader". It is with great pleasure that I share with you Jim Chaney. His writing style is both witty and charming as well as honest and heartfelt. I am also inspired by his list of 30 Before 30, making me … Continue reading Guest Post: Jim Chaney

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

This post is inspired by Red Writing Hood. Red Writing Hood is a writing meme. It is  fiction or non-fiction with a word limit of 600. This writing prompt is sponsored by The Red Dress Club. The topic this week was Sloth: laziness of the spirit, apathy. “So you finally decided to take a shower. What … Continue reading Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

A Day in Someone Else’s Clothes

I am a thrift store junkie. My favorite is the Salvation Army Store. In fact, recently while my best friend was visiting a few weeks ago, we patronized multiple Salvation Army Stores for three full days. Piles and piles of other people's cast-offs were over-flowing from my cart. Yoga pants with tags still in them, … Continue reading A Day in Someone Else’s Clothes