There are no bad people, not really

"Do you think my mom is a bad person?" Peanut asked, sitting at the kitchen counter, feet dangling over discarded flip-flops while eating a late breakfast. "I don't really know your mom," I answered cautiously, "why?" "cuz my last foster parent said my mom was a bad person and that's why I can't live with … Continue reading There are no bad people, not really

Writer’s Workshop: My house shall be a mast

I love when the jeweler cleans my wedding ring. Its renewed radiance resonates for days. It looks bigger and more brilliant than before and I am reminded of how it glistened in the summer sun after DW placed it on my finger over thirteen years ago. It's easy to forget the beauty when it is … Continue reading Writer’s Workshop: My house shall be a mast

Five Minute Friday: Friend

Sit in silence. Talk for hours. You can call me in the middle of the night. Your children have my number on speed dial. It's about presence, not presents. Presence of mind. Presence of spirit. It's not neat and tidy or sweet. It's loud and honest. It's telling each other the truths, even the hard … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Friend

Five Minute Friday: Rhythm

A strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound. Life, as a whole, repeats itself. Sometimes the pattern is familiar and strong. Sometimes it is familiar and draining. I have often hidden in the false safety of doing nothing because of the fear of change. Keep everything the same. Do what you know. Do what … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Rhythm

First Light

DW teases me often. It's never hurtful or mean, only lighthearted and playful. I can especially count on him to point out the obvious when I make a dumb mistake, finding humor in everything. His jovial personality keeps me from taking things too seriously or becoming wrapped up in drama and emotion. Sometimes, he doesn't … Continue reading First Light