Little girls, big girls and everything in between

Two days after we returned from Maui, my best friend E came to visit us from Georgia. Over the years, each trip seems to get longer and longer. There never seems to be enough hours together, and this recent visit was no exception. This time, we got her for 12 days. There was also the … Continue reading Little girls, big girls and everything in between

My Daughter the Thespian

The Tortoise is a peacemaker. She is what some would categorize as a Compliant First Born, rather than an Aggressive First Born. There is not a mean bone in her body, and typically does not complain about personal ailments or frustrations. She is the first to jump in and help her teachers, coaches and friends … Continue reading My Daughter the Thespian

Girls Night Out

At 10:30 pm last night I was zipping down the highway with the sunroof open, letting the night air dance through my hair. Banging bass beats of music rumbled around the interior. My rock star partner and I were singing at the top of our lungs  the lyrics to Taio Cruz's Dynamite. throw my hands … Continue reading Girls Night Out