Savory Saturdays: Southwestern Chicken Burritos

This first week of school has felt like the first week of fall. It has been wet, over cast and only in the low 60's. In fact, some evenings got down into the 40's. For some reason, as soon as the weather starts turning, I start craving comfort food and my crockpot. This recipe is … Continue reading Savory Saturdays: Southwestern Chicken Burritos

Savory Saturdays: Tomato-Cucumber Guacamole

Avocado is one of my absolute favorite things to eat. I like it mashed, grilled, diced, and sliced. Here is a recipe from Atkins that can be used as a side dish, topping for salad, or even a great hearty condiment for pork or burgers. It is best served immediately after making to enjoy the … Continue reading Savory Saturdays: Tomato-Cucumber Guacamole

Savory Saturdays: Potluck Pasta Salad

I love summer potlucks. There is just something special about socializing outside over a shared meal. Unless that meal is a potential food poisoning hazard. Unfortunately, I have experienced food poisoning on multiple occasions, two of which resulted in emergency room visits. Not fun. So, needless to say, I'm very leery of bringing salads coated … Continue reading Savory Saturdays: Potluck Pasta Salad

Savory Saturdays: Party Macaroni

The Hare is an incredibly picky eater. Which wouldn't be a problem if she ate every single one of her meals at my dinner table. There are only about four things she will eat consistently: white rice with soy sauce, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, spaghetti o's with meatballs and Kraft macaroni and cheese. It's … Continue reading Savory Saturdays: Party Macaroni

Savory Saturdays: Grilled Avocado

The rain has finally ceased. Perhaps it will finally start feeling like the end of the school year and the beginning of summer. Yesterday temperatures reached the low 70's. I got to pull out a cute sassy top, sport fancy flip-flops and sip drinks outside with some friends over dinner. (And yes, I cheated and … Continue reading Savory Saturdays: Grilled Avocado