This is my life

We have officially reached the "stinky" part of raising a preteen girl. It's a constant battle of deodorant and clean underwear at our house. The Hare is in denial that she smells like corn chips most of the time, or else, she just likes smelling like Fritos. I don't know. Regardless, I'm getting a little … Continue reading This is my life

Moments You Don’t Want to Forget

I can't listen to LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem in the car without  cranking up the volume. It is also nearly impossible to keep my shoulders from dancing or my fingers from tapping the steering wheel. But then add my almost 14-year-old daughter in the car and we might as well install black lights and a … Continue reading Moments You Don’t Want to Forget

How much is the media and how much is parenting?

Recently I started questioning both my blogging abilities and my parenting. So much so, that it put me in a creative funk. I even avoided my computer this week. I've only written a few blog posts for the Detroit News MichMoms Blog, but they were not well received. (If you are curious, you can read … Continue reading How much is the media and how much is parenting?

Welcome to My Schizophrenic Life

Yesterday's post had just been put to bed when the phone rang. Caller I.D. indicated it was The Tortoise's school. "Mom!" she said, "I'm so glad you're home." "Is everything okay?" I asked concerned. "Here...Shel needs to talk to you right away. It's an emergency." Shel is a very sweet friend of my daughter's. Her … Continue reading Welcome to My Schizophrenic Life

Half-Truths, White Lies and All That’s In Between

The Tortoise had her phone taken away a few weeks ago for being disrespectful.  At the same time I put it away, she received a text. I really wasn't trying to be sneaky, just curious. Maybe it was an important text for school. (Or maybe I just felt like I had the right to look … Continue reading Half-Truths, White Lies and All That’s In Between