It’s rare, but sometimes I’m right

"I don't know what's worse, " I whined, a half-drunk glass in my hand, "letting my child fail in order to learn a lesson or making her mad at me for making the right decision on her behalf  to give her a better chance at success." It's a fine line between reality discipline and coddling … Continue reading It’s rare, but sometimes I’m right

Five Minute Friday: Beloved

The girls slid into the booth on either side of me, their date waited patiently while they got comfortable. "I'm going to sit on this side," he said with grin, "so I can see your beautiful faces." The girls giggled. Valentine's Day couples speckled the dimly lit dining room. Pops of red and pink flowers, … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Beloved

When should you call a parent about their kid’s behavior?

If you are a parent, then you know the feeling of desperation of spending hours upon hours trying to help your child maneuver through the friendship battlefield. We listen and we advise. We role play and practice dialogue. But sometimes, it seems like there is just no solution other than getting personally involved. So when … Continue reading When should you call a parent about their kid’s behavior?

Mentor Moms

The word mentor immediately makes me think of the people who influenced my artistic life, like my oboe teacher Mr. Herbert, my beloved high school English teacher Mrs. Johnson and of course award-winning author Heather Sellers, who was my absolute favorite college professor. Each of these individuals had a profound effect on how I viewed … Continue reading Mentor Moms