This post is inspired by the  Daily Post's Weekly Photo Challenge. This week's topic is Red. I'm not a photographer. Although, I think I have a really cool camera, a Nikon D5000, that allows me to take some great pictures in spite of myself. Because of my novice photography skills, I have never participated in … Continue reading Red

Guest Post: My Mom,Susan

When I first came up with the idea of an essay contest, I emailed my mom right away. "Don't get your feelings hurt or anything, but since we are related it might not be fair for me to let you enter. I wouldn't want anyone to think I was biased when you won." However, once … Continue reading Guest Post: My Mom,Susan

Sundays Just Got Holier

Me: "Does that look like a water spot above the kitchen table?" DW: "Yeah, but I'm sure it was from when the kids overflowed the toilet." Me: "So you don't think it's a leak?" DW: "Nope." A month later. Me: "I think that spot is getting bigger. Maybe there really is a leak." DW: "You're … Continue reading Sundays Just Got Holier

30 Minutes

Sometimes I look at the clock and think, "If only I had more time." There seems to always be a pocket of 30 minutes stuffed between my daily tasks. 30 minutes waiting for kids to wake up 30 minutes waiting for kids to come home 30 minutes waiting for DW to finish work 30 minutes waiting … Continue reading 30 Minutes

Thank Goodness My Identity is Not My Own

My identity is often linked to something or someone other than myself. Sometimes it makes me feel lost, bitter, sometimes less important than the sum of all my own parts. Someone's daughter Someone's sister Someone's wife Someone's mother Someone's neighbor Someone's friend Never just Emily. This weekend I volunteered many hours at The Hare's home gymnastics meet, … Continue reading Thank Goodness My Identity is Not My Own