A Resolution I Can Keep

A couple of years ago I was really struggling with a mix of changing hormones and a glass-nearly-empty kind of thinking. I allowed turning 40 to be a burden rather than a time to celebrate. Whenever frustration or disappointment crept in my soul, I foolishly gave it a place to hibernate. The heaviness sat there … Continue reading A Resolution I Can Keep

The Attitude You Bring to Life

Over Christmas break I had the unexpected pleasure of having lunch with one of my Facebook friends. For those of you that blog or Facebook, you understand what kind of friend this is, predominately an on-line relationship. We occasionally chat, message, exchange comments and pictures. But as a whole, our conversations are limited to  cyberspace … Continue reading The Attitude You Bring to Life

How do you plan to face 2012?

I feel a little bit like Lucy Pevensie when she walked through the wardrobe for the first time. Narnia felt exciting and mysterious. And while Lucy spent hours in this mystical land, when she returns to the Professor's country house, time seems to have stood still. Two worlds existing at the same time but never … Continue reading How do you plan to face 2012?

Posting a Day in 2011 Won’t Make Me Skinny

Today is the first day I have been home since December 22nd. Literally.  We spent the holiday season in Texas visiting family and friends. It is a two-day drive. A long two-day drive, like almost 25 hours in very tight quarters with two kids, loads of suitcases, presents, books and blankets, a dog and a sometimes grumpy … Continue reading Posting a Day in 2011 Won’t Make Me Skinny