I used to like summer, but then I had school aged kids

Summer in Texas was about soaking in the rays, hanging out with friends at water parks, driving with the top down with the music blaring and eating late night dinners under the stars. Even in college and just past, that didn't change much for me, even with an infant or toddler. There were lots of … Continue reading I used to like summer, but then I had school aged kids

Everything changes after sex

"Mom, we have to get there early this time!" said The Hare anxiously, while we packed up for an outdoor concert. Last summer we bought tickets to see Maroon 5 and Train at the same venue. That was The Hare's first big concert and her absolute favorite band. (Probably because they are my favorite band … Continue reading Everything changes after sex

The core of an artist

A crisp, sweet smell of Fuji apple lingered on my fingers. The core peaked reluctantly through the partially eaten meat. I greedily ate fresh fruit, veggies and humus in the green room, as I re-hydrated and mentally regrouped. Our "sound check" lasted a little over two hours. Sunday was the season finale for the Ypsilanti … Continue reading The core of an artist

An Emotional Hoarder

Monday night I was watching an episode of Hoarders on A&E. It is grotesquely intriguing to get a glimpse of people's lives in this state of dysfunction. Although it is hard to imagine getting to a point that you wouldn't even know you had dead animals decomposing in your bedroom, or maggots breeding in your … Continue reading An Emotional Hoarder

Patches of Grass

I've changed rooms this morning to write. Usually I am at our kitchen counter. I take the bar stool on the farthest end, facing a wall of windows. The backyard view is wonderful in the spring and summer because trees are in full bloom. Stringy saplings sprout up, struggling to reach the height of the … Continue reading Patches of Grass