Seasonal Love

Although I didn't get this done in time to post on Friday, the Red Writing Hood assignment this week,  from Write on Edge , was in honor of Labor Day and the end of summer rapidly approaching. The prompt asked us to write about a season of change for a fictional character or for ourselves. … Continue reading Seasonal Love

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

I do not have blogging burnout - we've been on vacation this week visiting my parents in Virginia Beach. The weather has been perfect, great beach days, family movie nights and lots of tasty food. We have been taking full advantage of every minute of the days, until we fall exhausted into bed, sun-kissed and … Continue reading Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Ten Years without Texas

Ten years ago today, I married my best friend, DW. It was hard to imagine ten years into the future as I packed up my little green KIA Sportage to make the trek from San Antonio to Michigan, the rest of my personal belongings stashed inside a U-Haul truck. I didn't think I owned much, … Continue reading Ten Years without Texas

Friday Flip Off 4/8: Family, Guests and Deadlines

My mom came to visit for spring break. We had no real plans, except to just "hang out" everyday. We whittled away the days with conversation, pedicures, shopping, playing games with the kids, wine and good food. Then we'd crawl into bed at 11pm to channel surf until midnight, then do it all over again … Continue reading Friday Flip Off 4/8: Family, Guests and Deadlines