And the work, it was fun.

  "When you've finished with the mop then you can stop And look at what you've done The plateau's clean, no dirt to be seen And the work, it was fun" - Nervana, Plateau   There's a moment each day that exhausts and causes me to shake my head in wonder. I survey the chaos … Continue reading And the work, it was fun.

I want more firsts

What is it about our "first" of anything? They linger for years. We never really let go of first kisses, our first dance, the first time we disappointed our parents or even the first time we know we made them really proud. We hold dearly to the feelings of acceptance from the first teacher who … Continue reading I want more firsts

When childhood meets adulthood

My extended family is rather large and spread out across the country. I have aunts and uncles older and close to my parents' age, an aunt that is only a few years older than myself and cousins we are waiting to arrive just months from now. As far as cousins in my generation though, I … Continue reading When childhood meets adulthood

Conception of Motherhood

I don't know much about my conception, other than the knowledge of how babies are born. My mom reminded me for years, still does, that my dad was her one and only. They court each other every day. I know the love that created me, because I see it in their stolen kisses in the … Continue reading Conception of Motherhood

Mentor Moms

The word mentor immediately makes me think of the people who influenced my artistic life, like my oboe teacher Mr. Herbert, my beloved high school English teacher Mrs. Johnson and of course award-winning author Heather Sellers, who was my absolute favorite college professor. Each of these individuals had a profound effect on how I viewed … Continue reading Mentor Moms