Five Minute Friday: Miss

I miss my mini-van. It made life so easy with kids, pets and equipment. Everyone had a seat near a window and rarely did anyone complain that "she's sitting too close to me".  I had space to breathe in that car, space to be present but not super imposing even when all seven seats were … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Miss

Five Minute Friday: Mercy

I am painfully aware my blog has not been updated in over a month.There have been no words here or anywhere. At least not written.Thoughts and snippets of ideas and conversations with myself rumble around in my head, keeping me up at night, pushing me to the edge during the day, but never make it … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Mercy

I used to like summer, but then I had school aged kids

Summer in Texas was about soaking in the rays, hanging out with friends at water parks, driving with the top down with the music blaring and eating late night dinners under the stars. Even in college and just past, that didn't change much for me, even with an infant or toddler. There were lots of … Continue reading I used to like summer, but then I had school aged kids

Alone on Mother’s Day

"What do you want to do for Mother's Day this year?" diligently asked DW. He knew his time was running out to take the girls shopping. "I want to drink a bottle of wine, eat chocolate and scrapbook all day," I said half-joking, "and have someone else clean the bathrooms." "What about dinner?" DW asked. … Continue reading Alone on Mother’s Day

Five Minute Friday: Rest

Sometimes I don't realize how busy I have made myself. Moving from one task to another, it hits me about 4 o'clock. My stomach growling, my mood shifting and the realization that I have not sat down, not even to eat. The after school chaos, the dinner rush and then evening routines follow me to … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Rest