Five Minute Friday: Comfort

So many times writing prompts bring my thoughts to childhood memories. But lately, I seem to be slipping back into a time of suspended youth without prompting, meditating on a life already lived. I look at my children and wonder what memories they will hold on to for the rest of their lives. I can … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Comfort

Five Minute Friday: What mama did

I Skype with my mom almost every morning. We are pajama clad, bed-headed and sleepy-eyed. One cup of coffee maybe. But there is a small window of opportunity to be with her each day, something I have missed living in a different state for almost twelve years now. Before Skype, our conversations were often but … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: What mama did

When childhood meets adulthood

My extended family is rather large and spread out across the country. I have aunts and uncles older and close to my parents' age, an aunt that is only a few years older than myself and cousins we are waiting to arrive just months from now. As far as cousins in my generation though, I … Continue reading When childhood meets adulthood

Conception of Motherhood

I don't know much about my conception, other than the knowledge of how babies are born. My mom reminded me for years, still does, that my dad was her one and only. They court each other every day. I know the love that created me, because I see it in their stolen kisses in the … Continue reading Conception of Motherhood

Somedays it’s harder to feel like enough

Today, I feel like the meanest mom a half-ass housekeeper a recreational writer a novice runner an ungrateful stay-at-home mom a mediocre cook a negligent friend and an unattractive woman. The last fourteen days have been an absolute blur, days and nights intermingling, blending seamlessly. I've chaperoned a four-day excursion to Cheboygen with six fourteen … Continue reading Somedays it’s harder to feel like enough