I used to like summer, but then I had school aged kids

Summer in Texas was about soaking in the rays, hanging out with friends at water parks, driving with the top down with the music blaring and eating late night dinners under the stars. Even in college and just past, that didn't change much for me, even with an infant or toddler. There were lots of … Continue reading I used to like summer, but then I had school aged kids

Writer’s Workshop: My broken pride

Training for my first half marathon was one of the biggest goals I think I have ever set for myself. At least one I never saw myself really accomplishing, and when I did, it was the most empowering feeling in the world. In fact, I enjoyed the whole experience so much, I signed up for … Continue reading Writer’s Workshop: My broken pride

When childhood meets adulthood

My extended family is rather large and spread out across the country. I have aunts and uncles older and close to my parents' age, an aunt that is only a few years older than myself and cousins we are waiting to arrive just months from now. As far as cousins in my generation though, I … Continue reading When childhood meets adulthood

Think Happy Thoughts

January is typically celebrated as a fresh start. But while many moms are busy making New Year’s resolutions and breathing a sigh of relief from the busy holidays, I struggle with a sort of post-holiday grief. It seems like I spent from October to January treading water through class parties, baking, shopping and decorating only … Continue reading Think Happy Thoughts

It’s Good to Be Me

I refuse to refer to myself as "old". That word is reserved for expired food, pants with split seams, frayed sweatshirts and out of date shoes. None of those words describe me. I'm mature, seasoned,  worldly. Although, I do feel a little split apart at the seams sometimes. And occasionally my frayed hair isn't just a morning attraction … Continue reading It’s Good to Be Me