Apparently I Still Don’t Know Better

My mom has given me lots of useful advice over the years in regards to keeping a healthy marriage. I value her opinion greatly, especially since my parents still court each other after 39 years. Some of my most favorite include: Drinking wine helps you be more amorous even when you are tired Always let … Continue reading Apparently I Still Don’t Know Better

You Know You’re an Old Married Couple When…

Friday nights have traditionally been family movie night and pizza delivery. However, the older my children get, the harder it is to get everyone together. They typically get better offers than hanging out with Mom or Dad, and unfortunately, very rarely does it happen on the same night. Last week was the first week of … Continue reading You Know You’re an Old Married Couple When…

Not Quick Enough

The writing assignment this week for Red Writing Hood, from Write on Edge ,was simple: write a story of your choice. The catch? Write it as a tweet. Use only 140 characters – including spaces. And no, the title didn't count. After a bottle of wine kind of day, clothes fall fast to the floor. … Continue reading Not Quick Enough

The Things We Do For Love

Having positive and intimate relationships with each other's extended family is ideal, something I am thankful for everyday, because it enriches my life, my husband's life and the lives of my children. We are able to celebrate birthdays, holidays, successes and losses together in a way that is meaningful for everyone. We are able to … Continue reading The Things We Do For Love

Careless Consummation

Last weekend was the first time in ten years DW and I vacationed without children. Since I was a single mom when we met, and we have no family living near us, it has never been just the two of us, except for our honeymoon. (Once we shipped both kids to my parents for a … Continue reading Careless Consummation