Writer’s Workshop: Listen

I should be enjoying the sounds of a good morning: birds chirping, children giggling at the bus stop in front of our house, the faint breathing of my daughter still asleep upstairs, the sighs of my sweet dog watching deer and other wildlife meander through our yard. But instead, I'm listening to myself whine. I'm … Continue reading Writer’s Workshop: Listen

Writer’s Workshop: Currently

Occasionally, I get in a writing rut (okay maybe more like daily these days). In those moments, I am ever grateful for writing prompts that help me be productive and get the fingers typing. Thank you Mama Kat for this weeks writer's workshop. I chose prompt #2.) “Currently”. A simple list of things you’re currently … Continue reading Writer’s Workshop: Currently

You shouldn’t use words you don’t know

It's hard to believe it was just over two years ago that The Tortoise was learning about the reproductive system. Now she is learning how to drive. Of course, that was seventh grade and not the first time she had been told about babies and puberty. It was, however, the first time The Hare heard … Continue reading You shouldn’t use words you don’t know

First Light

DW teases me often. It's never hurtful or mean, only lighthearted and playful. I can especially count on him to point out the obvious when I make a dumb mistake, finding humor in everything. His jovial personality keeps me from taking things too seriously or becoming wrapped up in drama and emotion. Sometimes, he doesn't … Continue reading First Light

Dear mid-life crisis

Dear mid-life crisis 40, It has come to my attention that you are coming, and not for a visit, but to move in permanently. Quite presumptuous of you, I think, when no invitation has been offered. Ever. In fact, I would say the opposite has been true. Your saddle bags and grey hair are not … Continue reading Dear mid-life crisis