Five Minute Friday: What mama did

I Skype with my mom almost every morning. We are pajama clad, bed-headed and sleepy-eyed. One cup of coffee maybe. But there is a small window of opportunity to be with her each day, something I have missed living in a different state for almost twelve years now. Before Skype, our conversations were often but … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: What mama did

The Art of Affection

This post comes from a weekly memoir writing prompt provided by The Red Dress Club. This week’s RemembeRED asked us to write about Affection. Merriam-Webster defines affection as a moderate feeling or emotion, a tender attachment. It's also described as a bodily condition, like a disease or malady. Teen romance is more like a malady. … Continue reading The Art of Affection

Ten Years without Texas

Ten years ago today, I married my best friend, DW. It was hard to imagine ten years into the future as I packed up my little green KIA Sportage to make the trek from San Antonio to Michigan, the rest of my personal belongings stashed inside a U-Haul truck. I didn't think I owned much, … Continue reading Ten Years without Texas

Guest Post: Lily Ruth’s Mama

I am excited to share with you my second guest post by Rachel from Diapers, Dogs and Cooking in Heels. Her whimsical and honest style feels like you are reading a letter from an old friend. You are drawn into her life piece by piece, her journal like writing style creates clear images of her family, … Continue reading Guest Post: Lily Ruth’s Mama

The Calm Before the Storm

4:50am. I couldn't sleep. My bladder was so full it hurt to breath or roll over. Luna puppy slept soundly on my pillow. There was light snoring going on from the far side of the bed as well. My head was already in panic mode thinking about the uncleaned house waiting for me. My baby brother and … Continue reading The Calm Before the Storm