Five Minute Friday: Lonely

Just me, alone, in a hotel room, for three full days. I volunteered to be room mom for my youngest daughter, The Hare, and two of her team mates. They are at a gymnastics camp from 9 am to 5 pm in a little town just far enough away to justify a hotel room. Thursday … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Lonely

Season of Allegro

The string quartet swayed together, their bodies rolling with each beat of  Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, drawing me step by step down the aisle. My heart pumped in time with my feet, carrying me body and soul, closer and closer to this man I love, until we stood face to face, our breath intertwined, … Continue reading Season of Allegro

Are You a Lonely Mom?

Keys jingling at the front door were hardly audible over the sound of our dog’s padded feet, the thump-thump of a toddler and the pitter-patter of a pre-schooler down the hallway each night. I was quick to follow. The dog and the children were eager for a hug and a kiss from daddy. I was … Continue reading Are You a Lonely Mom?

My Life, Ten Years From Now

This was yesterday's writing prompt from Plinky Prompts. I scanned a few of the most recent answers. They were really depressing, mostly about wanting to share their life with someone, get married, have kids, a big house, a good job...the perfect life. The word perfect came up numerous times. There are a lot of lonely … Continue reading My Life, Ten Years From Now