Writer’s Workshop: Finding Joy in My Winter

Believe it or not, avoiding this blog has been as impossible as avoiding myself.Not a word has been written for months. I've purposely found other things to do than write and yet, this blog has been on my mind, in my heart, every day. It was not my intention to disappear, but the longer the … Continue reading Writer’s Workshop: Finding Joy in My Winter

Writer’s Workshop: Listen

I should be enjoying the sounds of a good morning: birds chirping, children giggling at the bus stop in front of our house, the faint breathing of my daughter still asleep upstairs, the sighs of my sweet dog watching deer and other wildlife meander through our yard. But instead, I'm listening to myself whine. I'm … Continue reading Writer’s Workshop: Listen

Don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone

"That has got to be the biggest tree I've ever taken down," DW said squinting into the sky. "I wonder why it died," I said. Our lot is very wooded. One of the reasons we chose it, actually. The dense canopy over the back yard makes it near impossible to grow grass and makes it … Continue reading Don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone

Writer’s Workshop: Currently

Occasionally, I get in a writing rut (okay maybe more like daily these days). In those moments, I am ever grateful for writing prompts that help me be productive and get the fingers typing. Thank you Mama Kat for this weeks writer's workshop. I chose prompt #2.) “Currently”. A simple list of things you’re currently … Continue reading Writer’s Workshop: Currently

Five Minute Friday: Rhythm

A strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound. Life, as a whole, repeats itself. Sometimes the pattern is familiar and strong. Sometimes it is familiar and draining. I have often hidden in the false safety of doing nothing because of the fear of change. Keep everything the same. Do what you know. Do what … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Rhythm