Road to Tomorrow by Mary Metcalfe

“She already knew what she’d find. She walked into the still-steamy room, and there, in the bathtub, were all her best clothes – stewing in a pool of water the color of an angry bruise. Her cotton shirts, wool sweaters and pants, and silk blouses were ruined, their colors bleeding as the bleach-laden water sucked … Continue reading Road to Tomorrow by Mary Metcalfe

Joy Ride

The Red Writing Hood assignment this week,  from Write on Edge , was to write about a journey, specifically a road trip. Think about who is in the car. Where are they going and why? What’s on the radio or what are the travelers talking about? In 300 words or less, create a fiction or … Continue reading Joy Ride

“Wired” a thriller by Martha Randolph Carr

“A life Daddy. I want a life. A good one this time.” Charlie smiled to himself and pulled out the little yellow knife with a sailboat on it, and handed it to Matthew. “No, this is a wiggily life. I want the life that doesn’t wiggle.” You can’t help but immediately feel a connection to … Continue reading “Wired” a thriller by Martha Randolph Carr


This week's Red Writing Hood writing prompt was to write only a 400 word post using the following picture for inspiration. Usually I focus on non-fiction writing, but this week I thought I would try something different and write  fiction. It took me forever to figure out where I wanted to start, so of course, … Continue reading Undeveloped

Who Do You Trust?

The story in Charleston is that money has begun to come back to some of the old families; and money, it is said, has become a motive where once people were content with the antiquity of a name. -- A Turn in the South by V.S. Naipaul I trust Noah Parks. His southern charm and humbleness … Continue reading Who Do You Trust?