Taking it to the mat

The last couple of years I printed my holiday letter on my card, but this year I was reluctant to write a Christmas letter. There was plenty to be thankful for, yet I still felt empty and anxious. The beginning of 2012 started with ambitiousness and promise but came to a screeching halt in September … Continue reading Taking it to the mat

Are you at the beginning or the end of your journey?

There's definitely a different energy at an airport in the evening than in the morning. Last Thursday I left for Dallas around noon. People were still greeting one another with smiling faces, eagerness and patience. Gentlemen stepped aside to give someone else a place in line, while women helped other women weighted down with children … Continue reading Are you at the beginning or the end of your journey?

The Attitude You Bring to Life

Over Christmas break I had the unexpected pleasure of having lunch with one of my Facebook friends. For those of you that blog or Facebook, you understand what kind of friend this is, predominately an on-line relationship. We occasionally chat, message, exchange comments and pictures. But as a whole, our conversations are limited to  cyberspace … Continue reading The Attitude You Bring to Life

A Passionate Life

Passion can be defined as an intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction. The kind of feeling that stays with you from dusk until dawn, constantly running rampant inside your soul. Never ceasing. Over Thanksgiving break we watched the movie Dead Poets Society. It is one of DW's favorites. He was shocked to find out that my brothers and … Continue reading A Passionate Life

I’m a poet, did you know it?

Today one of my poems is published on Vox Poetica. The Delicate Cycle When I started this blog in February, I knew that most of my efforts would focus on blog entries, although I hoped that it would inspire me to write poetry again. No such luck at the moment. I will sheepishly admit, this … Continue reading I’m a poet, did you know it?