Savory Saturdays: Best Chicken Kebabs Ever

My grill and I finally became friends this summer. I'm not sure what took me so long to move my cooking outside, but now that I have, I am in love.  Until last night, I thought our Salmon was the highlight of our summer grilling. DW has been out of town for work and I … Continue reading Savory Saturdays: Best Chicken Kebabs Ever

Savory Saturdays: Tomato-Cucumber Guacamole

Avocado is one of my absolute favorite things to eat. I like it mashed, grilled, diced, and sliced. Here is a recipe from Atkins that can be used as a side dish, topping for salad, or even a great hearty condiment for pork or burgers. It is best served immediately after making to enjoy the … Continue reading Savory Saturdays: Tomato-Cucumber Guacamole

Savory Saturdays: Potluck Pasta Salad

I love summer potlucks. There is just something special about socializing outside over a shared meal. Unless that meal is a potential food poisoning hazard. Unfortunately, I have experienced food poisoning on multiple occasions, two of which resulted in emergency room visits. Not fun. So, needless to say, I'm very leery of bringing salads coated … Continue reading Savory Saturdays: Potluck Pasta Salad

Savory Saturdays: Vegetable Panini with Feta

These sandwiches were easy to make and a huge hit on our lake trip this week. If you don't want to take the time to hollow-out French bread, hoagie rolls would work too, but I just like the texture and taste of fresh French bread from the bakery. It's worth the extra step. Vegetable Panini … Continue reading Savory Saturdays: Vegetable Panini with Feta

Savory Saturdays: Party Macaroni

The Hare is an incredibly picky eater. Which wouldn't be a problem if she ate every single one of her meals at my dinner table. There are only about four things she will eat consistently: white rice with soy sauce, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, spaghetti o's with meatballs and Kraft macaroni and cheese. It's … Continue reading Savory Saturdays: Party Macaroni