Writer’s Workshop: Listen

I should be enjoying the sounds of a good morning: birds chirping, children giggling at the bus stop in front of our house, the faint breathing of my daughter still asleep upstairs, the sighs of my sweet dog watching deer and other wildlife meander through our yard. But instead, I'm listening to myself whine. I'm … Continue reading Writer’s Workshop: Listen

And then the truth came out

It was hard to sleep Monday and Tuesday night. I just kept replaying my daughter's voice in my head over and over. Her words convicted me. “It was better than I thought,” she muttered, “I’m sure tomorrow will be even easier.” I had pushed her to work hard, make her accountable for her future plans, … Continue reading And then the truth came out

The dark truth about white lies

Telling a friend her outfit looks great when in your head you're dialing TLC's What Not to Wear and contemplating taking secret footage seems harmless. After all, a little white lie is just a diplomatic way of telling an untruth for the purpose of sparing someone's feelings? Right? Do we really always need to tell … Continue reading The dark truth about white lies

Please Lord, help me think about sex more often

Today's post was inspired by Shell at Things I Can't Say and her weekly Pour Your Heart out Wednesday blog carnival. Click if you want to find out more about Pour Your Heart Out.   It's not that I don't think about sex, I just don't think about it often. I remember my mom warning … Continue reading Please Lord, help me think about sex more often

Blogging For Ourselves

There's a small, quick breath of uncertainty that comes just before hitting PUBLISH on a post, especially when I write from the more private and unfamiliar depths of my heart. These stories and emotions that only a select few have heard, or perhaps witnessed, suddenly become exposed to a larger audience. My anxiety becomes less … Continue reading Blogging For Ourselves