New Spaces in Old Places

This week, we were asked to share a memoir featuring hope, expressed in 400 words or less.   I stood in the center of my moss-green and brown living room, staring at the custom floral sofa my mother bought as a house-warming gift. We spent hours shopping for it, agonizing over swatches and textiles. The … Continue reading New Spaces in Old Places

One size does not fit all

I went to private school until 4th grade, then attended public school from 5th grade until high school graduation. I would consider myself an average student who excels in verbal communication and has a passion for writing. I worked hard for almost every grade I got - even the C's. I attended a commuter college, … Continue reading One size does not fit all

But she seems so normal.

Home schooling just seemed weird. Not normal. I pictured families with 20 kids, living on farms, who argue via Bible verses, sew their own clothes and participate in food co-ops. Home schooled children must have awkward social skills, skewed ideas of gender roles in society and a limited ability to work well with others. They … Continue reading But she seems so normal.