The phrase “if you would just” should be a punishable offense.

Some of the most hurtful things have been said to me during a heart-to-heart about marriage, parenting, housekeeping, exercising or even writing.  I understand women like to share stories, experiences and even drama not only to be heard but in the hopes of finding some resolutions. We want to feel helpful, be good problem solvers … Continue reading The phrase “if you would just” should be a punishable offense.

My bucket is already full

For some reason, I believe it is necessary to remind myself I am "almost" 40 often, even though, I won't actually turn 40 for another 153 days. Maybe it's the new sallowness of my skin tone, or abundance of grey hair that makes me dwell on this number. Or perhaps it is the increasing number … Continue reading My bucket is already full

Things I don’t say out loud

Outside the closed door, voices trickled down the hall. The Hare sat in a chair, feet planted firmly on the edge, legs bent while balancing an electronic game on her knees. I waited patiently on the doctor's table. As I tightened my pony tail, the slickness of my hair reminded me that I hadn't washed … Continue reading Things I don’t say out loud

Define your beauty

The Victoria's Secret bag lay unopened on my bed. It was full of bathing suit options for our two upcoming summer trips, both of which involved beaches and water.  I didn't dare try on suits in the store, under the watch of a perky twenty-something-year-old that will lie and say, "Oh, that looks great on … Continue reading Define your beauty

Learning to pace myself

Not much more than a month stands between me and the half marathon I signed up for back in January. I've been comfortably running up to eight and nine miles in the temperature controlled confines of my basement. My treadmill and I have a good relationship. I can count on one hand how many times … Continue reading Learning to pace myself