First Light

DW teases me often. It's never hurtful or mean, only lighthearted and playful. I can especially count on him to point out the obvious when I make a dumb mistake, finding humor in everything. His jovial personality keeps me from taking things too seriously or becoming wrapped up in drama and emotion. Sometimes, he doesn't … Continue reading First Light

The scents and sounds of sisters

There hasn't been much snow this year, but the sharp temperatures have still been painful. So when a true snow day appeared on Friday, the kids were giddy. Unfortunately for The Hare, snow does not prohibit school from happening. And since we had already taken a few days off for gymnastics, there was much work … Continue reading The scents and sounds of sisters

Welcome to vacation. How Maui help you?

More than a year ago, my mother-in-law proclaimed that she had always dreamed of taking her children and grandchildren on a trip to Hawaii. She visited there before and wanted to share the beauty of the islands with all of us. It was an exciting thought, but one that seemed years in the future. I … Continue reading Welcome to vacation. How Maui help you?

The Things We Do For Love

Having positive and intimate relationships with each other's extended family is ideal, something I am thankful for everyday, because it enriches my life, my husband's life and the lives of my children. We are able to celebrate birthdays, holidays, successes and losses together in a way that is meaningful for everyone. We are able to … Continue reading The Things We Do For Love

Stuck at the Airport

I want to be witty and fun today but unfortunately internet access at the airport cost money, so I am posting on my phone. The phone is already paid for. Thank goodness for free internet at our hotel, but considering I will be at a bachelorette party tonight, don't hold your breath for a decent … Continue reading Stuck at the Airport