Five Minute Friday: Mercy

I am painfully aware my blog has not been updated in over a month.There have been no words here or anywhere. At least not written.Thoughts and snippets of ideas and conversations with myself rumble around in my head, keeping me up at night, pushing me to the edge during the day, but never make it … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Mercy

Five Minute Friday: Listen

4:30 in the morning and I'm awake. Staring at nothing. Listening to breathing and humming. My head hurts. There is an ache starting from my shoulders, creeping its way up the back of my neck, holding my head hostage. The pounding in my ears sounds like muffled footsteps. Running in circles. I try to listen … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Listen

The Ungluttoness Glutton

This post was inspired by Red Writing Hood. Red Writing Hood is a writing meme. It can be fiction or non-fiction and the word limit is 600. This writing prompt is sponsored by The Red Dress Club. The topic this week was gluttony. By the third restaurant on Tuesday afternoon, I was ready to call it … Continue reading The Ungluttoness Glutton