Finding My Momentum

In 2013, a yoga instructor suggested I pick a word or phrase to be my mantra for the new year, something that would help promote personal growth and keep focus on what is important to my life in that moment. She said "set your purpose". That year I chose the word JOY. I had the … Continue reading Finding My Momentum

Perpetual Restarts

via Daily Prompt: Restart I am the queen of starting over. Marriage. Finances. Friendships. Family. Careers. Diets. This blog. You name it, I've probably tried it, quit and tried it again. It's a problem really, perhaps even an addiction. I get bored and need a change. I lack consistent motivation and a sense of direction. … Continue reading Perpetual Restarts

Dropping Her in the Deep End

"I want to make varsity by my junior year," she says, "and I want to build my endurance and look my best by the end of the summer!" "Sounds like a plan," I respond absently, knowing in my heart that these are just words. I am pessimistic of the plan coming to fruition, and certainly … Continue reading Dropping Her in the Deep End

Five Minute Friday: Broken

My 40th birthday is next Tuesday. I have planned nothing. Usually birthdays are an excuse to make big purchases, go on fun trips with my girlfriends or make a big fuss with family and friends over drinks. But not this year. This year I feel detached and ambivalent. This time last year I was in … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Broken

I might need your help remembering who I am.

The Hare and I held school in cafes, coffee shops and book stores for a few weeks while we got our internet and power sorted out completely. It turned out to be a combination of weather and construction. We are finishing two rooms in our basement, and some of the cable wiring got jumbled in … Continue reading I might need your help remembering who I am.