Remembering Roxanne

Emotional numbness is draining. I've spent two days in thought. Now I want to write. I want to be witty and charming, tell stories that leave you breathless from laughter, but I'm struggling to find the words. I wish I could turn back the clock and make more visits to San Antonio, return one more … Continue reading Remembering Roxanne

Getting my hands and other unspeakable parts dirty

I always thought flowers were best for vases and carefully arranged pots around my deck. The thought of sticking my hands into fresh earth was terrifying. I might get dirt under my nails, or worse, touch a worm. It never bothered me when my kids would play in the mud, just as long as they … Continue reading Getting my hands and other unspeakable parts dirty

Five Minute Friday: Rhythm

A strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound. Life, as a whole, repeats itself. Sometimes the pattern is familiar and strong. Sometimes it is familiar and draining. I have often hidden in the false safety of doing nothing because of the fear of change. Keep everything the same. Do what you know. Do what … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Rhythm

Guest Post: Melissa Gay

Blogging has filled some vacancies in my life that I never thought possible, especially in regards to friendships. Although I have never met this next guest blogger in person, I feel like I know her, heart and soul. She is honest, witty, charming and full of life even on her worst days. Melissa also has … Continue reading Guest Post: Melissa Gay

Girl-illas in the Midst

For the last 12 1/2 years I have been living in the field studying my subjects. Hours have been painstakingly spent learning their eating habits, social dynamics, ability to adapt, and communication skills. I've collected valuable information about their predators and who are their  prey. Living among them has been difficult. At times I think … Continue reading Girl-illas in the Midst