Little girls, big girls and everything in between

Two days after we returned from Maui, my best friend E came to visit us from Georgia. Over the years, each trip seems to get longer and longer. There never seems to be enough hours together, and this recent visit was no exception. This time, we got her for 12 days. There was also the … Continue reading Little girls, big girls and everything in between

Savory Saturdays: Grilled Leftovers Salad

I apologize now for the long lead-in before my recipe, but I felt like I needed to give you a little information first. For the last year and a half I have worked hard to combat depression and digestive problems. Foolishly, I thought they were not related. However, after doing some research and reading a … Continue reading Savory Saturdays: Grilled Leftovers Salad

Savory Saturdays: Split Pea Soup

I love warm soup and a fresh loaf of bread at the end of a long, cold winter's day. I love the way its breathy scent fills the kitchen, preparing your body for liquid sustenance. My favorite kinds of soup are thick and hearty, the kind that cling to your insides as much as the … Continue reading Savory Saturdays: Split Pea Soup

My Daughter the Vegetarian

"I'm going to be a vegetarian, " stated The Tortoise a few weeks before school ended, "But not until summer starts." I stopped what I was doing and smiled. When I was about her age, I remember wanting to be a vegetarian too. By high school I had slowly cut-out red meats and by college … Continue reading My Daughter the Vegetarian

Savory Saturdays: Emily’s Chicken Cordon Bleu

It's Sunday night, not Saturday. Saturday started at 7am when I beat the snooze alarm half-a-dozen times. The weatherman had predicted grey rain and possible snow flurries. Lucky for me the sun was peeking in through slats of the wood blinds. It was definitely cold, the heater had been running for some time, but there … Continue reading Savory Saturdays: Emily’s Chicken Cordon Bleu