Five Minute Friday: Welcome

Two hours notice. There were a few quick phone calls back and forth between us and them while we were driving for Thai food and placing our dinner order. We had two hours notice that you would be standing on our doorstep, waiting to be welcomed inside. I'm not sure why I felt it was … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Welcome

Five Minute Friday: Friend

Sit in silence. Talk for hours. You can call me in the middle of the night. Your children have my number on speed dial. It's about presence, not presents. Presence of mind. Presence of spirit. It's not neat and tidy or sweet. It's loud and honest. It's telling each other the truths, even the hard … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Friend

Five Minute Friday: Mercy

I am painfully aware my blog has not been updated in over a month.There have been no words here or anywhere. At least not written.Thoughts and snippets of ideas and conversations with myself rumble around in my head, keeping me up at night, pushing me to the edge during the day, but never make it … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Mercy

Five Minute Friday: Lonely

Just me, alone, in a hotel room, for three full days. I volunteered to be room mom for my youngest daughter, The Hare, and two of her team mates. They are at a gymnastics camp from 9 am to 5 pm in a little town just far enough away to justify a hotel room. Thursday … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Lonely

Five Minute Friday: Present

Wednesday morning at 11 am, the view was unexpected and beautiful. A garden hidden between boarded up houses and run down lots. A block or two of renovated and rejuvenated old buildings, homes, and gardens. A reconstructed oasis in the outskirts of a forgotten downtown, reclaiming some history and dignity. Red brick streets warming in … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Present