When You Got It, You Got It

Tuesday was the first time The Tortoise and I went to the gym to do more than lay poolside with a good book. I have always been the Queen of Cardio. My favorite apparatus at the gym is typically an elliptical, although the stair-stepper comes a close second. It has been a couple of years … Continue reading When You Got It, You Got It

If Only I Got Paid to Look Good

We joined Life Time Fitness this week. Partly because it is literally 4 minutes from The Hare's gym, and partly because my 20th high school reunion is in October. I'm freaking out a bit. The big selling point was finding out that age 13 is considered an "adult" and The Tortoise can take classes with … Continue reading If Only I Got Paid to Look Good

Lady GaGa Makes Me Hot

I was going at it okay for a while listening to Fall Out Boy, at least my pace was steady. A little slow, but consistent. My breathing hadn't broken into a pant yet. But then, Lady GaGa's rhythmic pulse started pounding in my ears. You just can't help but want to get nasty when you … Continue reading Lady GaGa Makes Me Hot