Giving up the balancing act for real balance

My first two yoga sessions were humbling. My impression of yoga was that it was all about stretching and flexibility. I also had a negative opinion that the so-called "spiritual" aspect of the practice was silly and unnecessary. So when I found myself struggling with steadiness, strength and silence it was clear that I had … Continue reading Giving up the balancing act for real balance

Clean House, Clean Conscience

I feel for all those bloggers that have to utilize their nights and weekends writing. Life is too distracting when my family is home to be very creative, especially since my desk is right in the middle of the chaos. During the school week, my ability to gaze out my front windows, absorbing the sunlight … Continue reading Clean House, Clean Conscience

Finding Balance – Or Not

I am honored to share with you today's guest post by author Terri Giuliano Long. Her debut novel In Leah's Wake has been one of my favorite summer reads. She is an amazingly talented author, and an even more humble artist, quick to give encouragement and support to fellow writers. I'm sure you will enjoy … Continue reading Finding Balance – Or Not

Even Healthy Ones Need to be Chopped

Dense, lanky trees huddle in the middle of my backyard, like a circle of arrogant school girls they intermingle so tightly, not a ray of sun can penetrate their tangled arms. We have tried for three years to get grass to grow in their shadows. Even the most shade tolerant grass shivers in their coldness. … Continue reading Even Healthy Ones Need to be Chopped

Guest Post: Cindy

I volunteered to help coach a Girls on the Run (GOTR) team for the first time almost three years ago. The Tortoise wanted to try the program, plus I thought it would be a good way for her to make friends in a community we had only lived in for a few months. Running has never … Continue reading Guest Post: Cindy