Savory Saturdays: Vegetable Panini with Feta

These sandwiches were easy to make and a huge hit on our lake trip this week. If you don't want to take the time to hollow-out French bread, hoagie rolls would work too, but I just like the texture and taste of fresh French bread from the bakery. It's worth the extra step. Vegetable Panini … Continue reading Savory Saturdays: Vegetable Panini with Feta

Savory Saturdays: Mediterranean Gratin

I've been cooking vegetarian dinners for almost two weeks now, and can't understand why the weight isn't falling off. Salt and Vinegar Chips - vegetarian                                                  Cheese Pizza - vegetarian                                                                   Sweet Shiraz - vegetarian                                                                         Pumpkin Cinnamon Donuts and Apple Cider - vegetarian, vegetarian So what's the problem? Perhaps trading carbs for meat wasn't in my … Continue reading Savory Saturdays: Mediterranean Gratin