Five Minute Friday: Cherish

I don't know why we hang on to things like hair. Don't get me wrong, I love the way long hair looks on a lot of people. In fact, I've been wearing my hair various lengths of "long" for the last eleven years. But it takes work. It takes a certain level of commitment that … Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Cherish

A sweatshirt and pajama kind of mom

Childhood memories flash pictures of my mom in soft earthy corduroy, knee-socks and Birkenstock. The nubby feel of knitted garments still remind me of a favorite striped sweater she wore everywhere.  I've seen pictures of her in her youth and she was quite stylish. She sported short skirts, fun fabrics, trendy hats and sunglasses that … Continue reading A sweatshirt and pajama kind of mom

Define your beauty

The Victoria's Secret bag lay unopened on my bed. It was full of bathing suit options for our two upcoming summer trips, both of which involved beaches and water.  I didn't dare try on suits in the store, under the watch of a perky twenty-something-year-old that will lie and say, "Oh, that looks great on … Continue reading Define your beauty

Excuse me, but is that sex on your face?

Recently I started to purge old or unworn makeup from my cosmetic collection. I've decided I'm just too old to wear the sparkly, shimmery, jewel-tones that my teenager is now sporting. Funny how that works. I remember piling on the makeup as a teenager. There was a time that my eyes were bathed in bold … Continue reading Excuse me, but is that sex on your face?

A New Bra Won’t Fix It

I have a new dress to wear to my brother's wedding. Nothing black tie fancy, just a black satin chemise with a pink bow and sash. The arm-holes are cut too far back though to wear a regular bra. What I wanted was a racer-back so that I'm not all Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in … Continue reading A New Bra Won’t Fix It